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Stewed Quinces and Apples

The combination of quinces and apples is very delicious. Sweet apples, which are difficult to use as a cooked fruit because of a lack of flavor, may be combined very satisfactorily with quinces, for the quinces impart a certain amount of their strong flavor to the bland apples and thus the flavor of both is improved.

Sufficient to serve six.


  • 1 quart sweet apples
  • 1 pint quinces
  • 1 pound sugar
  • 1 cup water


Wash, peel, core, and quarter the fruit. Add the sugar to the water and place over the fire until it conies to a rapid boil. Then add the quinces and cook until they are partly softened. Add the sweet apples and continue the cooking until both are tender. Remove from the fire, cool, and serve.


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Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Volume 5.

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