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Cocoa and Chocolate

As a beverage, cocoa probably has greater use than chocolate; still there are some who prefer the flavor of chocolate to that of cocoa. Directions for preparing beverages from both of these materials are given, with the intention that the housewife may decide for herself which one she prefers to use. For either one, any ordinary saucepan or kettle may be used, but those made of enamel or aluminum are best. Of these two materials, aluminum is the better, for milk is less liable to scorch in a vessel of this kind than in one of any other material.

When chocolate is to be used for a beverage, the amount required varies with the strength desired. Recipes for bitter chocolate usually give the amount in squares, but no difficulty will be experienced in determining the amount, for the cakes of chocolate are marked in squares of 1 ounce each. If sweet chocolate is used, less sugar should, of course, be added to the beverage.

In all but the first of the recipes that follow, it will be observed that milk is used for a part of the liquid. The quantity given makes an excellent beverage, but more or less may be used if desired. However, if the quantity of milk is changed, the quantity of water should be changed accordingly. Condensed or evaporated milk may be utilized very nicely in the making of these two beverages. Milk of this kind should, of course, be diluted, a half-pint can requiring 2 to 3 cupfuls of water. If condensed milk is used, less sugar than the recipe calls for may be employed. A few drops of vanilla added just before serving always improves the flavor of cocoa or chocolate.

Serving Cocoa and Chocolate

When cocoa or chocolate is used to accompany meals, it is served in the usual sized teacup. However, when either of these beverages is served at receptions or instead of tea in the afternoon, regular chocolate cups, which hold only about half as much as teacups, are used. An attractive chocolate service to use for special occasions is shown here.

chocolate service

The cocoa or chocolate is prepared in the kitchen, but is served to the guests from a chocolate pot, such as the one shown, in tall cups that match the chocolate pot in design. If such a service is not available, the cocoa or chocolate may be poured into the cups in the kitchen and then brought to the guests on a tray.

Besides sugar, which is generally added in the preparation of cocoa and chocolate, cream usually accompanies these beverages, especially when they are made without milk or with only a little. If the cream is whipped and slightly sweetened, a spoonful or two will be sufficient to render the beverage delightful. In case no cream is on hand, marshmallows make a very good substitute. One of these should be placed in the bottom of each cup and the hot beverage poured over it. The marshmallow softens and rises to the top. When marshmallows are to be added to cocoa, less sugar should be used in its preparation.


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