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Although differing somewhat from the open sandwiches, canapes are usually placed under this head. Canapes are small pieces of bread toasted or sautÚd in butter and then spread with some highly seasoned material, such as caviar, anchovy paste, well-seasoned smoked or canned salmon, or a vegetable mixture. They are served either hot or cold as an appetizer or as a first course for lunch or dinner.


To make canapes, toast or sautÚ slices of bread and cut them into any shape desired. Cover each piece with a thin layer of the material to be used and then decorate in any way. Sometimes a thin layer of tomato is used, but often just a border of some material of contrasting color, such as the yolk of egg forced through a ricer, finely chopped parsley, a thin strip of pimiento, etc., is placed around the edge.


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Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Volume 4.

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