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Cheese Dreams

If something delicious to serve with fruit or salad is desired for luncheon or Sunday night supper, the accompanying recipe for cheese dreams should be tried. They should be served at once on being taken from the stove, because as soon as they cool the cheese hardens and they are not appetizing. Cheese dreams may be sautÚd or prepared in a broiler or an oven, but if they are sautÚd, they may be made in a chafing dish.

Sufficient to serve six.


  • 12 thinly cut slices of bread
  • butter
  • cheese sliced 1/8 in. thick


Spread the bread thinly with butter and make sandwiches by placing a slice of cheese between two slices of bread. Place these sandwiches under a broiler or in a very hot oven and toast them on both sides, or omit the butter from the center, place the sandwiches in a slightly oiled frying pan, and brown them on both sides. In heating the sandwiches, the cheese melts. Serve hot.


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Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Volume 2.

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