Books > Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Volume 2

Woman's Institute Library of Cookery
Volume 2

Author: Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences, Inc.

Subtitle: Milk, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Vegetables.


This volume, which is the second of the Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, deals with such essentials of diet as the dairy products—milk, butter, and cheese—the protein food, eggs, and the energy-producing nutrients, vegetables.

In Milk, Butter, and Cheese are explained the place that milk occupies in the diet, its composition, grades, and the dishes for which it is used; the purchase, care, and use of butter and butter substitutes; and the characteristics, care, and varieties of both domestic and imported cheeses, as well as a number of excellent recipes for cheese dishes. A luncheon menu, in which a cheese dish is substituted for meat, is of interest in this connection, for it shows the housewife, early in her studies, not only how to combine dishes to produce a balanced meal, but also how to make up a menu in which meat is not needed.

In Eggs are discussed the nutritive value of eggs, the ways in which to select, preserve, cook, and serve them, and how to utilize left-over eggs. So many uses have eggs in the diet and so nourishing is this food that too much attention cannot be paid to its preparation. In this lesson, also, is given a breakfast menu to afford practice in preparing several simple dishes usually served in this meal.

In Vegetables, every variety of vegetable is discussed as to food value, preparation, place in the meal, and proper methods of serving. With such a fund of knowledge, the housewife will be well equipped to give pleasing variety to her meals.

In addition to the instruction in these matters, there are a large number of illustrations, which make clear the important details in every process employed and in many recipes show certain steps as well as the finished result. With such detailed information, it is our desire that as many of the recipes as possible be tried, for it is only through constant practice that the rules and principles of cookery will become thoroughly instilled in the mind. Nothing is of more value to the housewife than such a knowledge of food and its preparation, for, as every one knows, proper diet is the chief requisite of good health.

To be of the greatest assistance to the woman in the home is the purpose of these volumes—to relieve her household tasks of much of their drudgery and to help her come to a realization of the opportunity for good that is hers. In no better way can she create happiness and contentment in her home than by preparing appetizing, nutritious meals and serving them in the most attractive manner.






Eggs: Omelets



Sauces & Spreads

Sauces & Spreads: Butter Sauces

Sauces & Spreads: Tomato Sauces

Sauces & Spreads: White Sauces

Soup: Cream Soup


Vegetables: Artichokes

Vegetables: Asparagus

Vegetables: Beans

Vegetables: Beets

Vegetables: Brussels Sprouts

Vegetables: Cabbage

Vegetables: Carrots

Vegetables: Cauliflower

Vegetables: Celery

Vegetables: Corn

Vegetables: Eggplant

Vegetables: Kohlrabi

Vegetables: Mushrooms

Vegetables: Okra

Vegetables: Onions

Vegetables: Parsnips

Vegetables: Peas

Vegetables: Potatoes

Vegetables: Spinach

Vegetables: Squash

Vegetables: Sweet Potatoes

Vegetables: Tomatoes

Vegetables: Turnip

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