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Yorkshire Pudding


  • 1 pint of milk
  • 4 eggs, whites and yolks beaten separately
  • 1 teaspoonful of salt
  • 2 teaspoonfuls of baking powder sifted through flour
  • 2 cups of flour


This is a very nice accompaniment to a roast of beef. It should be mixed very smooth, about the consistency of cream. Regulate your time when you put in your roast, so that it will be done half an hour or forty minutes before dishing up. Take it from the oven, set it where it will keep hot. In the meantime have this pudding prepared. Take two common biscuit tins, dip some of the drippings from the dripping-pan into these tins, pour half of the pudding into each, set them into the hot oven, and keep them in until the dinner is dished up; take these puddings out at the last moment and send to the table hot. This I consider much better than the old way of baking the pudding under the meat.


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The White House Cookbook (1887).

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