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To Roast a Goose


  • goose
  • a few sage leaves
  • 2 onions
  • 1 good lump of butter
  • 1 tea-spoonful of pepper
  • 2 tea-spoonfuls of salt
  • flour


Chop the sage leaves and onions very fine, mix them with the butter, pepper, and salt, put it in the goose, then split it, lay it down, and dust it with flour; when it is thoroughly hot, baste it with nice lard; if it be a large one, it will require an hour and a half, before a good clear fire; when it is enough, dredge and baste it, pull out the spit, and pour in a little boiling water.

To Make Sauce for a Goose

Pare, core and slice some apples; put them in a sauce pan, with as much water as will keep them from burning, set them over a very slow fire, keep them closely covered till reduced to a pulp, then put in a lump of butter, and sugar to your taste, beat them well, and send them to the table in a china bowl.


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The Virginia Housewife (1860).

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