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To Make Yellow Pickle


Put all the articles intended for the yellow pickle in a pot, and pour on them boiling salt and water; let them stand forty-eight hours, take advantage of a clear hot day, press the water from the articles, and lay them to dry in full sunshine, on a table covered with a thick soft cloth, with the corners pinned securely, that they may not blow up over the things; the cloth absorbs the moisture; and by turning them frequently on a dry place, they become white, and receive the colour of the turmeric more readily; one day of clear sunshine is enough to prepare them for the first vinegar. When dried, put them in a pot of plain cold vinegar, with a little turmeric in it; let them remain in it two weeks to draw off the water from them, and to make them plump; then put them in a clean pot, and pour on the vinegar, prepared by the following directions; this is the most economical and best way of keeping them; mix the turmeric very smoothly, before you add it to your pickles.


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The Virginia Housewife (1860).

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