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Beef Soup


  • hind shin of beef
  • 1 small table-spoonful of pounded black pepper
  • 2 small table-spoonfuls of salt
  • 3 onions the size of a hen's egg, cut small
  • 6 small carrots scraped and cut up
  • 2 small turnips pared and cut into dice
  • 1 small bundle of thyme and parsley
  • 1 pint of celery cut small, or a tea-spoonful of celery seed pounded
  • 1 small table-spoonful of nice brown sugar
  • toasted bread


Take the hind shin of beef, cut off all the flesh off the leg-bone, which must be taken away entirely, or the soup will be greasy. Wash the meat clean and lay it in a pot, sprinkle over it the black pepper, salt, onions, carrots, turnips; pour on three quarts of water, cover the pot close, and keep it gently and steadily boiling five hours, which will leave about three pints of clear soup; do not let the pot boil over, but take off the scum carefully, as it rises. When it has boiled four hours, put in the thyme and parsley, and celery. These latter ingredients would lose their delicate flavour if boiled too much. Just before you take it up, brown it in the following manner: put the brown sugar into an iron skillet, set it on the fire and stir it till it melts and looks very dark, pour into it a ladle full of the soup, a little at a time; stirring it all the while. Strain this browning and mix it well with the soup; take out the bundle of thyme and parsley, put the nicest pieces of meat in your tureen, and pour on the soup and vegetables; put in some toasted bread cut in dice, and serve it up.


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The Virginia Housewife (1860).

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