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The Proper Way to Sweep a Room

Dust the furniture and put it in another room.

Dust bric-a-brac and put on the bed if you are sweeping a sleeping room, if another room put them on the table, or in an adjoining room.

Brush the draperies, take down and lay on the bed or table.

Cover these and bric-a-brac with a sheet.

Wet a newspaper, tear into small pieces and spread on the rug or carpet.

Now you are ready for sweeping.

If the floor is carpeted, sweep all dirt to the center of the room.

Sweep the corners with a small whisk broom.

Move every piece of furniture lest there be dirt left underneath.

Open the windows before sweeping.

When the dust is settled take a pail of warm water, put in a tablespoonful of ammonia, then with a clean cloth wrung from this wipe the window glass, mirror and pictures; polish with dry cloth.

Wipe all finger marks from doors and mop boards.

Now take a pail of clean water, with ammonia, and with a small scrubbing brush go over the rug or carpet, to remove dust and brighten the colors.

Replace furniture, bric-a-brac and draperies and your room will be sweet and clean.

With care, once in two or three weeks, will be often enough to do this.


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