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Retaining the Color of Preserved Fruits

I have many times been asked how I retained the color of preserved fruits. I allow for all preserves equal measure of sugar and fruit.

It is impossible to have success if you make large quantities. I never make over three pints at a time, usually one quart.

The same method applies to all preserves. If possible, I extract some juice to start with. I then put this with one quart of sugar, (no water if the fruit contains plenty of juice, but if not, I add a little water). Allow this to boil until thick then have fruit ready to drop in; when it boils up, remove scum, and, as the juice is extracted by the boiling, dip off and allow only enough to thicken quickly.

This juice can be used for sauces, beverages of all kinds. Fruit darkens on account of continued boiling.


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