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Mush should be made only of the whole meal flour of the grain and well cleaned before grinding. Whole wheat flour, whole Indian Corn Meal, whole wheat and whole barley meal are examples of the raw materials.

Take one pint (pound) of meal, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, four pints (pounds) of water. Add the salt to the water and after boiling stir in slowly, so as to avoid making lumps, the meal until all is used. Break up any lumps that may form with the ladle until the mass is homogeneous.

Cover the vessel and boil slowly over a low fire so as not to burn the contents, for an hour. Or better after bringing to a boil in a closed vessel place in a fireless cooker over night.

This is the best breakfast food that can be had and the quantity above mentioned is sufficient for from four to six persons. The cost of the raw material based on the farmer's price is not over 1 1/2 cents.

Variation: Mush may also be made with cold water by careful and continuous stirring. There is some advantage of stirring the meal in cold water as there is no danger of lumping but without very vigorous stirring especially at the bottom, the meal may scorch during the heating of the water.

The food above described is useful especially for growing children as the whole meal or flour produce the elements which nourish all the tissues of the body.

Dr. Wiley urges house wives to grind their own wheat flour and corn meal, using the coffee grinder for the work. The degree of fineness of flour is regulated by frequent grindings.

The improvement in flavor and freshness of cakes, breads and mush made from home ground wheat and corn will absolutely prove a revelation.


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Attributed to Dr. Harvey W. Wiley.


The Suffrage Cook Book (1915).

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