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Cake Hints

For those who would excel in cake making these admonitions are offered:

First: Cream the shortening.

Second: Add sugar slowly and cream it again.

Third: Add yolks of eggs well beaten.

Fourth: Mix and sift the dry ingredients.

Fifth: Add the dry materials to the mixture, which has the baking powder in it; alternate flour and liquid.

Sixth: Cut and fold in (do not beat or stir) the whites of eggs which are beaten to a dry stiff froth.

Seventh: Have a fire and pans ready. Put the cake into the oven quickly; remember that the oven can wait, but the cake never. Bake according to rule.

To test the oven heat: A hot oven will brown flour in five minutes; or you can try if you can hold the hand in it and count twenty.

Time of baking: Layer cakes, 20 or 25 minutes; loaf cakes, from 40 to 80 minutes; gem cakes, from 20 minutes to half an hour.

Never bang the oven door. The cake will fall if you do.


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