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Mince la Reine


  • 1 dozen mushrooms
  • some slices of cold meat (cold game or chicken are excellent for this purpose)
  • 6 eggs
  • some rounds of bread, toasted or fried
  • 1 pint of good gravy
  • pepper and salt to taste


Peel the mushrooms.

Wash and dry them well, and cut them in slices.

Put them in a stewpan with part of the gravy, to stew for about thirty minutes, until they are tender.

Mince the meat and make it hot in a saucepan, with enough gravy to moisten it, adding pepper and salt to taste.

Poach the eggs nicely, and fry or toast the bread (fried bread is best).

Put the slices of fried bread on a hot dish; cover each piece with the minced meat, and lay an egg on each.

Pour the gravy and mushrooms round, and serve very hot.

As a decoration, a tiny pinch of finely-chopped parsley might be put on the top of each egg.


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The Skilful Cook (1905).

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