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Fried Squash, Parsnips, Celery, and Mushrooms


Take two small squash, the smallest size possible; cut off the two ends, divide them in two, and slice them in fine slices lengthwise. Put them in an earthen dish and sprinkle well with salt.

Take one parsnip, scrape it, wash it, and boil it slightly, slice it, add it to the squash with more salt.

Take the heart of celery, boil for a moment, and slice as with the other vegetables.

Lastly, take some mushrooms, not very large ones, clean them, boil them a moment, and add them to the rest.

Then dry all the vegetables with a clean towel, mix them all together, roll them thoroughly in flour, dip in egg, and fry in hot lard, dropping them in carelessly.

Serve them in a hot dish with a napkin under them.


Simple Italian Cookery.


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