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Time for Cooking Fresh Vegetables in Water

It is not possible to state just how long a vegetable will be required to cook in water. The time varies with the kind of vegetable, its size, and age. Usually the older a vegetable, the longer the time required for cooking. Young vegetables, especially green corn and tender cabbage, may be spoiled by too long cooking.

For novices, a time table may be helpful not only in determining when a food is sufficiently cooked but in deciding how long to allow for cooking a food before it is to be served. But do not depend entirely upon a time table. Judging by appearance and using the fork or knitting needle is the most reliable test.

Asparagus 15-20 minutes
Beets (young) 45-60 minutes
Beets (old) 3-4 hours
Cabbage 15-30 minutes
Carrots 30-60 minutes
Cauliflower 20-30 minutes
Celery 20-45 minutes
Green Corn 12-20 minutes
Lima beans (fresh) 45-60 minutes
Onions 30-45 minutes
Parsnips 30-45 minutes
Peas (fresh) 20-30 minutes
Potatoes 25-30 minutes
Spinach 15-30 minutes
Squash (summer) 20-30 minutes
String Beans 1-3 hours
Sweet Potatoes 15-25 minutes
Turnips 30-45 minutes


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