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Tender Cuts of Beef

Certain muscles of an animal used for food contain more connective tissue than others. Such muscles are considered tough cuts of meat. Other muscles contain either less connective tissue or the connective tissue is less tough. These are considered tender cuts.

Muscles which are the least used by the animal are most tender.

Certain methods of cooking meat are adapted to cooking the tender cuts. Unless meat is chopped, only tender cuts of meat can be cooked successfully by dry heat. The following methods are used for tender cuts of meat: broiling, pan-broiling, and roasting (baking).

The best steaks of beef for broiling or pan-broiling are club, porterhouse, sirloin, and first cuts of round. The best cuts for roasting are porterhouse, prime ribs, and sirloin.

Long shoulder or chuck, top round, and rump are inferior roasts.


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