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Method of Mixing Frozen Foods

The sugar of a frozen dessert should always be dissolved. To accomplish this a sirup should be made of the sugar and water. For mixtures that contain no eggs, but in which cream or milk is used, the cream or milk may be scalded, and the sugar dissolved in the hot liquid. If eggs are used to thicken ice cream, they should be combined with the sugar and cream and cooked as for a soft custard.

In sherbets, whites of eggs are often used. They are usually beaten stiff, and added uncooked to the mixture. If fruit juice is to be used with milk or cream, the latter should be chilled before adding the fruit. Fruits that are to be frozen with the other ingredients should be crushed thoroughly. Small fruits, or large fruits cut in pieces, are sometimes added to a dessert after it is frozen, thereby preventing the fruit from freezing and becoming hard. All frozen mixtures should stand several hours before serving, in order to ripen.


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