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General Rules for Cooking Cereals


Pour the cereal slowly into boiling salted water. Cook directly over the flame for about 10 minutes. Then place over boiling water and cook from 1/2 to 8 hours. Usually one teaspoonful of salt is used for each cupful of cereal. The quantity of water depends upon the kind of cereal. The double boiler is particularly good for cooking cereals. The fireless cooker also is a most satisfactory device for cooking these foods easily and economically.

Starchy foods are most easily digested when well masticated. Dry foods require more mastication than moist foods. It is well then to have the water used in cooking the cereal entirely absorbed. If, when nearly done, the cereal is too moist, uncover the vessel and cook until the excess of water is evaporated.

Care should be taken, however, not to allow a tough skin to form on the top of the cereal. This digests with difficulty. Its formation can be prevented by keeping the cereal covered or by stirring occasionally.

Heat ready-to-eat cereals in the oven until they are crisp.


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