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A Few Salad Combinations


Dress each vegetable separately with the dressing; then arrange upon the serving-dish. Or, have the salad arranged upon the serving-dish and pour the dressing over all; then toss together and serve. About three tablespoonfuls of oil, with other ingredients in accordance, will be needed for one pint of vegetable.

  1. Lettuce, tomatoes cut in halves, sprinkled with powdered tarragon, and parsley or chives.
  2. Lettuce, moulded spinach and fine-chopped beets.
  3. Lettuce, Boston baked beans and chives.
  4. Lettuce and peppergrass.
  5. Lettuce, shredded sweet peppers or pimentos, and sliced pecan nuts or almonds.
  6. Lettuce, tomatoes stuffed with peas or string beans cut small, and chives chopped fine.
  7. Lettuce, asparagus tips and sliced radishes. Arrange the lettuce at the edge of dish, inside a ring of radishes sliced thin, without removing the red skins; centre of asparagus tips, with radish cut to resemble a flower.
  8. Lettuce, shredded tomatoes and shredded green peppers.
  9. Shredded lettuce, English walnuts, and almonds or cooked chestnuts, sliced.
  10. Lettuce, Neufchatel cheese in slices and shredded pimentos.
  11. Lettuce, cauliflower, string beans and shredded pimentos.
  12. Lettuce or cress, artichoke slices and powdered tarragon.
  13. Shredded cabbage and shredded green peppers.
  14. Cauliflower broken into flowerets, string beans cut into small pieces, and beets cut in fancy shapes or chopped. Arrange each vegetable in a mass by itself; surround with lettuce.
  15. Cucumbers and new onions, sliced.
  16. Watercress, diced boiled beets, and olives in centre.
  17. Lettuce, Brussels sprouts and chopped pepper.


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