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White Juice of Licoras


Take one pound of Licoras clean scraped, cut it thin and short, and dry it in an Oven, then beat it fine in a Mortar, then put it into a stone Jugg, and put thereto of the water of Colts-foot, Scabius, Hysop and Horehound, as much as will stand four fingers deep above the Licoras, then set this Jugg, close stopped, into a Kettle of water, and keep the water boiling, let it be stuffed round with hay that it jog not, let it stand so four hours, and so do every other day for the space of ten days; then strain it into a dish, set the dish over boiling water, and let it vapour away till it be thick, then add to it one pound of fine Sugar-Candy, the best and whitest you can get, beaten very well, then put it into several dishes and dry it in the Sun, or in a warm Oven, beating it often with bone knives till it be stiff, then take as much Gum Dragon steeped in Rose-water as will make it pliable to your hand, then make it into little Rolls, and add two grains of Musk or Ambergreece and a few drops of Oyl of Anniseed, and so make them into little Cakes, and print them with a Seal and then dry them.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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