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Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672)
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To the Reader

Courteous Reader,

I Think it not amiss, since I have given you, as I think, a very full Direction for all kinds of Food both for Nourishment and Pleasure, that I do shew also how to eat them in good order; for there is a Time and Season for all things: Besides, there is not anything well done which hath not a Rule, I shall therefore give you several Bills of Service for Meals according to the Season of the Year, so that you may with ease form up a Dinner in your Mind quickly; afterwards I shall speak of ordering of Banquets; but these things first, because Banquets are most proper after Meals.

All you who are knowing already and Vers'd in such things, I beseech you to take it only as a Memorandum; and to those who are yet unlearned, I presume they will reap some Benefit by these Directions; which is truly wished and desired by

Hanna Woolley alias Chaloner.

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