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Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672)
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To all Ladies, Gentlewomen, and to all other of the Female Sex who do delight in, or be desirous of good Accomplishments.

Ladies and Gentlewomen,

I Presume those Bookes which have passed from me formerly, have got me some little credit and esteem amongst you.

But there being so much time past since they were Printed, that methinks, I hear some of you say I wish Mrs. Wolley would put forth some New Experiments and to say the Truth, I have been importun'd by divers of my Friends and Acquaintance to do so.

I shall not give an Apish Example every Day or Week to follow ridiculous and foolish Fancies, nor could I be too like the Spaniard, always to keep in one Dress: I am not ashamed, nor do I disown what I have already Printed, but some of you being so perfect in your practises, and I very desirous still to serve you, do now present you with this Queen-like Closet: I do assure you it is worthy of the Title it bears, for the very precious things you will find in it.

Thus beseeching your kind Acceptance of this Book, and of my earnest Desires to you, I take my Leave, but shall always be to all who have esteem for me,

Their Faithful and Humble Servant,

Hannah Wolley.

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