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Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672)
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To the Truly Vertuous and My much Honoured Friend Mrs. Grace Buzby, Daughter to the Late Sr. Henry Cary, Knight Banneret; And Wife to Mr. Robert Buzby, Gentleman, and Wollen Draper of London


Your Kind and Good Acceptance of my Endeavours in Work for You, and that Esteem You have for what else I can do, make me bold to present this Book to You; which by that time You have perused, I doubt not but You will deem it worthy of the Title it bears; and indeed it was never opened before: If it may yield You any Delight or Benefit, I shall be glad; for as You have a true Love and Esteem for me, so I have a very great Love and Honourable Esteem for You; and shall always be

Your most Observant servant,

Hannah Wolley.

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