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To Make the Balm water Green


Take any Wine or Lees of Wine, or good Strong Beer or Ale with the Grounds, and stir them all together very well, lest the Wine Lees be too thick, and burn the bottom of the Pot; put them into an Alembeck with good store of Balm unwashed, therein still these till you leave no other tast but fair water, and draw also some of that, draw two Alembecks full more as you draw the first, until you have so much as will fill your Alembeck, then put this distilled water into your Alembeck again, and some more Balm, if you draw a Wine Gallon, put to it half a pound of Coriander seeds bruised, two Ounces of Cloves, one quarter of an Ounce of Nutmegs, and one quarter of an Ounce of Mace bruised all of them, then set a Receiver of a Gallon under it, and fill it with fresh and green Balm unwashed, and your Water will be as green as Grass; put still more and more of the Herbs fresh, and let it stand a week to make it the more green.

Take this Green Water, and put to it one quart of the best Damask Rosewater, and before you mix your Balm-water and Rose-water together, you must dissolve two pounds of fine Sugar in the first distilled water, then take Ambergreece and Musk, of each eight Grains, being ground fine, and put it into the Glass in a piece of Lawn; put also a little Orange or Limon Pill to it, and keep it cool and from the Air.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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