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To Make Scotch Collops of Veal or Mutton


Take your meat and slice it very thin, and beat it with a rolling-pin, then hack it all over, and on both sides with the back of a Knife, then fry it with a little Gravie of any Meat, then lay your Scotch Collops into a Dish over a Chafingdish of Coals, and dissolve two Anchovies in Claret Wine, and add to it some butter and the yolks of three Eggs well beaten, heat them together, and pour it over them:

Then lay in some thin Collops of Bacon fryed, some Sausage meat fried, and the yolks of hard Eggs fryed after they are boiled, because they shall look round and brown, so serve it to the Table.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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