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To Make Pomatum the Best Way


Take the Caul of a Lamb new killed, pick it clean from the Skin, and lay it in Spring-water nine days, shifting it every day twice, then melt it, then take yellow Snails, stamp them, and put them into a Glass with Rosewater four days, stop the Glass and shake it three or four times a day, then take white Lilly roots, stamp them, and strain them, put the Juice of them into the Glass with the Snails, then set a Skillet on the fire with fair water, and let it boil, then put your dried Lambs Caul into an earthen basin, and let it melt, then take your Glass with Snails and roots, and drain it through a thick cloth, then put it into that tried stuff, then take half an Ounce of white Sugar-Candy unbeaten put it in, and stir it over the fire, till that be dissolved, then take it from the fire, and put in three Ounces of sweet Almonds, keep it boiling and stirring a little longer, then take it off, and let it stand till it be reasonably cool, then beat it with a wooden Slice till it be very white, then put in a little Rosewater, and beat it a little longer, and then keep it in Gallipots; you must put in a crust of bread when you melt it in the Skillet, and when the Sugar-Candy goes in, take it out.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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