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To Make Marmalade of Apricocks


Take Apricocks, pare them and cut them in quarters, and to every pound of Apricocks put a pound of fine Sugar, then put your Apricocks into a Skillet with half of the Sugar, and let them boil very tender and gently, and bruise them with the back of a Spoon, till they be like Pap, then take the other part of the Sugar, and boil it to a Candy height, then put your Apricocks into that Sugar, and keep it stirring over the fire, till all the Sugar be melted, but do not let it boil, then take it from the fire, and stir it till it be almost cold; then put it in Glasses, and let it have the Air of the fire to dry it.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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