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To Make Leach and to Colour it


Take one Ounce of Isinglass and lay it in Water four and twenty hours, changing the Water three or four times, then take a quart of new Milk, boiled with a little sliced Ginger and a stick of Cinamon, one spoonful of Rosewater, and a quarter of a Pound of Sugar, when it hath boiled a while, put in the Isinglass, and boil it till it be thick, keeping it always stirring, then strain it, and keep it stirring, and when it is cold, you may slice it out, and serve it upon Plates; you may colour it with Saffron, and some with Turnsole, and lay the White and that one upon another, and cut it, and it will look like Bacon; it is good for weak people, and Children that have the Rickets.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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