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To Make Jelly of Pippins


Take Pippins, pare them thin into a long Gallipot, and set that into boiling water close covered, and so let it stand three or four hours, they must be sliced thin as well as pared; when you think they are infused enough, pour the Liquor from them, and to every Pint, take a pound of Sugar double refined and put it into your Liquor, boil them together till you find it will Jelly, then put little small pieces of Orange Pill into it finely shred, the Juice of one Orange and one Limon, and let it boil a little longer, and so put it into Glasses, and set them into a Stove, with the Pulp that is left you may make Paste if you please.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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