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To Make Hashed Meat


Take a Leg or Shoulder of Mutton, lay it down to the fire, and as it doth rost, cut it off in little bits, and let it lie in the Pan, bast it with Claret wine and Butter, and a little Salt, and put two or three Shelots in your Pan, when you have cut off so much as you can, lay the bones into a Dish over a Chafingdish of Coals, and put your Meat to it with the Liquor, and two Anchovies, cover it, and let it stew a while; when it is enough, put in some Capers, and serve it in with Sippets; Garnish your Dish with Olives and Capers, and Samphire; thus you may do with any cold meat between two Dishes.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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