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To Make Gravie Broth


Take a good fleshy piece of Beef, not fat, and lay it down to the fire, and when it begins to rost, slash it with a Knife to let the Gravie run out, and continually bast it with what drops from it and Claret Wine mixed together, and continually cut it, and bast it till all the Gravie be out, then take this Gravie and set it over a Chafingdish of Coals with some whole Spice, Limon Pill, and a little Salt, when you think it is enough, lay some Sippets into another Dish, and pour it in, and serve it to the Table; Garnish your Dish with Limon and Orange; if you please you may leave out the Sippets and put in some poach'd Eggs, done carefully.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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