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To Make Cheese-Cakes


Take four Gallons of new Milk, set it with a little Runnet, and when it is come, break it gently, and whey it very well, then take some Manchet, first scalded well in new Milk, let the Milk be thick with it, and while it is hot, put in a quarter of a pound of fresh Butter, and stir it in, when it is cold, mix that and your curd together very well, then put in one Pound and half of plumped Currans, some beaten Spice, a very little Salt, Rosewater, and the yolks of eight Eggs, half a Pint of Cream, and a little Sugar, mix them well together, then make some Paste, with Flower, Butter, the yolk of an Egg and fair water, and roul it out thin, and so bake them in bake-pans, and do not let them stand too long in the Oven.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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