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To Make an Almond Tart


Take a Quart of Cream, and when it boils, put in half a pound of sweet Almonds blanched and beaten with Rosewater, boil them together till it be thick, always stirring it for fear it burn, then when it is cold, put in a little raw Cream, the yolks of twelve Eggs, and some beaten Spice, some Candied Citron Pill and Eringo Roots sliced, with as much fine Sugar as will sweeten it, then fill your Tart and bake it, and stick it with Almonds blanched, and some Citron Pill, and strew on some small French Comfits of several colours, and garnish your Dish with Almonds blanched, and preserved Barberries.


The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).


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