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To Make a Rare Lamb Pie


Take a Leg of Lamb, and take the meat clean out of it at the great end, but keep the skin whole, then press the Meat in a Cloth, and mince it small, and put as much Beef Suet to it as the Meat in weight, and mince it small, then put to it Naples Bisket grated fine, season it with beaten Spice, Rosewater, and a little Salt, then put in some Candied Limon Pill, Orange Pill, and Citron Pill shred small, and some Sugar, then put part of the Meat into the skin, then having your Pie in readiness, and Butter in the bottom, lay in this Meat, then take the rest of your Meat, and make it into Balls or Puddings with yolks of Eggs, then lay them into the Pie to fill up the Corners, then take Candied Orange, Limon and Citron Pill, cut in long narrow slices and strew over it; you may put in Currans and Dates if you please, then lay on Butter, and close up your Pie and bake it, and leave a Tunnel, when it is baked, put in Sack, Sugar, yolks of Eggs and Butter heat together, if you put in Marrow, it will be the better.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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