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To Make a Fricasie of Sheeps Feet


Take your Sheeps feet tenderly boiled, and slit them, and take out the knot of hair within, then put them into a Frying-pan with as much water as will cover them, a little Salt, Nutmeg, a blade of Mace, and a bundle of sweet herbs, and some plumped Currans; when they are enough, put in some Butter, and shake them well together, then lay Sippets into a Dish, and put them upon them with a Skimmer, then put into your Liquor a little Vinegar, the yolks of two or three Eggs, and heat it over the fire, and pour it over them; Garnish your Dish with Barberries, and serve it to the Table.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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