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To Dry Tongues


Take some Pump water and Bay salt, or rather refined Saltpeter, which is better; make a strong Brine therewith, and when the Salt is well melted in it, put in your Tongues, and let them lie one Week, then put them into a new Brine, made in the same manner, and in that let them lie a week longer, then take them out, and dry-salt them with Bay Salt beaten small, till they are as hard as may be, then hang them in the Chimney where you burn Wood, till they are very dry, and you may keep them as long as you please; when you would eat of them, boil them with [unknown] in the Pot as well as Water, for that will make them look black, and eat tender, and look red within; when they are cold, serve them in with Mustard and Sugar.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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