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To Boil a Leg of Mutton


Take a large Leg of Mutton and stuff it well with Mutton Suet, Salt and Nutmeg, boil it in water and Salt, but not too much, then put some of that broth into another Pot, with three or four blades of Mace, some Currans and Salt, boil them till half be consumed, then put in some sweet Butter, and some Capers and a Limon cut like Dice with the Rind on, a little Sack, and the yolks of two hard Eggs minced; then lay your Mutton into a Dish upon Sippets, and pour this Sauce over it; scrape Sugar on the sides of your Dish, and lay on slices of Limon and Barberries.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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