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To Boil a Haunch of Venison


Boil it in water and salt, with some Coleflowers and some whole spice; then take some of the Broth, a little Mace, and a Cows Udder boiled tender and sliced thin, a little Horse-radish root searced, and a few sweet herbs; boil all these together, and put in a little Salt, when your Venison is ready, dish it, and lay your Cows Udder and the Coleflowers over it, then beat up your Sauce, and pour over it; then garnish your Dish with Limon and Parsley and Barberries, and so serve it; this Sauce is also good with a powdered Goose boiled, but first larded.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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