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To Boil a Capon


Take strong Mutton Broth, and truss a Capon, and boil him in it with some Marrow and a little Salt in a Pipkin, when it is tender, then put in a pint of White Wine, half a pound of Sugar, and four Ounces of Dates stoned and sliced, Potato Roots boiled and blanched, large Mace and Nutmeg sliced, boil all these together with a quarter of a pint of Verjuyce, then dish the Capon, and add to the Broth the yolks of six Eggs beaten with Sack, and so serve it; garnish dish with several sorts of Candied Pills and Preserved Barberries, and sliced Limon with Sugar upon every slice.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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