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Syrup of Gilly-flowers


Take Clove-gilly-flowers, and cut them from the Whites, then take their weight in Sugar beaten fine, then put a little sugar into your Gally-pot, and then a Lay of Flowers, and then sugar again, till all be spent, and let sugar be the last, then put in a Clove or two, according to your quantity, and a little Malago Sack; and so tie your Pot up close, and set it into a Pot or Kettle of boiling water, and let them stand till they are infused; then poure out the Liquor and strain the rest, but not too hard, then take this liquor and vapour it away over seething water till it be of a good thickness, then take your strained Gilliflowers and put them into a Pot with some White-wine Vinegar, and cover them over with fine Sugar, and so keep them; they are a better Sallad than those you pickle up alone; as you make this, you may make syrup of any Herbs or Flowers.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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