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Rosa Solis


Take a Pottle of Aqua Composita, and put it into a Glass, then a good handful of Rosa Solis clean picked, but not washed, put it to the Aqua Composita, then take a pound of Dates stoned and beaten small, half a peniworth of Long Pepper, as much of Grains, and of round Pepper, bruise them small, take also a pound of Loaf-Sugar well beaten, a quarter of a pound of Powder of Pearl, and six leaves of Book Gold; put all to the rest, and stir them well together in the Glass, then cover it very close, and let it stand in the Sun fourteen days, ever taking it in at night; then strain it, and put it into a close Bottle; you must not put in the Pearl, Gold or Sugar till it hath been sunned and strained, neither must you touch the Leaves of the Rosa Solis with your hands when you pick it; keep it very close.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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