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Green Tansie to Fry, or Boil Over a Pot


Take a Quart of Cream, the yolks of one dozen of Eggs and half, their Whites well beat, mix them together, and put in one Nutmeg grated, then colour it well with the Juice of Spinage, and sweeten it with Sugar; then fry it with Butter as you do the other, and serve it in the same manner; but you must lay thin slices of Limon upon this.

If you will not fry it, then butter a Dish, and pour it therein, and set it upon a Pot of boiling water till it be enough; this is the better and easier way.

Thus you may make Tansies of any other things, as Cowslips, Rasberries, Violets, Marigolds, Gilliflowers, or any such like, and colour them with their Juice; you may use green Wheat instead of Spinage.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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