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French Pottage


Take an equal quantity of Chervil, hard Lettice and Sorrel, or any other Herb as you like best, in all as much as a Peck will hold pressed down, pick them well, and wash them, and drain them from the water, then put them into a Pot with half a pound of fresh Butter, and set them over the fire, and as the Butter melts, stir them down in it till they are all within the Butter, then put some water in, and a Crust of bread, with some whole Cloves and a little Salt, and when it is well boiled, take out the Crust of bread, and put in the yolks of four Eggs well beaten, and stir them together over the fire, then lay some thin slices of white bread into a deep dish, and pour it in.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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