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Elder Water, or Spirit of Sambucus


Take some Rye Leaven, and break it small into some warm Water, let it be a sowre one, for that is best; about two Ounces or more: then take a Bushel of Elder Berries beaten small, and put them into an earthen Pot and mix them very well with the Leaven, and let it stand one day near the Fire; then put in a little Yest, and stir it well together to make it rise, so let it stand ten days covered, and sometimes stir it; then distil it in an Alembeck; keep the first Water by it self, and so the second, and the third will be good Vinegar, if afterward you colour it with some of the Berries.

Distil it with a slow fire, and do not fill the Still too full.

This Water is excellent for the Stomach.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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