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Doctor Butler's Treacle Water


Take the roots of Polipody of the Oak bruised, Lignum VitŠ thin sliced, the inward part thereof, Saxifrage roots thin sliced, of the shavings of Harts-horn, of each half a pound, of the outward part of yellow Citron not preserved; one Ounce and half bruised, mix these together;

Then take Fumitory water, Carduus-water, Camomile-water, Succory-water, of each one Ounce; of Cedar wood one Ounce, of Cinamon three drams, of Cloves three drams, bruise all your forenamed things;

Then take of Epithimum two ounces and a half, of Cerratch six ounces, of Carduus and Balm, of each two handfuls, of Burrage Flowers, Bugloss Flowers, Gillyflowers, of each four ounces, of Angelica root, Elecampane root beaten to a Pap, of each four ounces, of Andronichus Treacle and Mithridate, of each four ounces; mix all these together, and incorporate them well, and grind them in a Stone Mortar, with part of the former Liquor, and at last, mix all together, and let them stand warm 24 hours close stopped, then put them all into a Glass Still, and sprinkle on the top of Species Aromatica rosata and Diambre, of the Species of Diarodon abbatis, Diatrion Santalon, of each six drams; then cover the Still close, and lute it well, and distill the water with a soft fire, and keep it close.

This will yield five Pints of the best water, the rest will be smaller.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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