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Cock Water

Most delicate and precious for restoring out of deep Consumptions, and for preventing them, and for curing of Agues, proved by my self and many others


Take a Red Cock, pluck him alive, then slit him down the back, and take out his Intrals, cut him in quarters, and bruise him in a Mortar, with his Head, Legs, Heart, Liver and Gizard; put him into an ordinary Still with a Pottle of Sack, and one quart of Milk new from a red Cow, one pound of blew Currants beaten, one pound of Raisins in the Sun stoned and beaten, four Ounces of Dates stoned and beaten, two handfuls of Peniroyal, two handfuls of Pimpernel, or any other cooling Herb, one handful of Mother-thyme, one handful of Rosemary one handful of Burrage, one quart of Red Rose water, two ounces of Harts-horn, two ounces of China root sliced, two ounces of Ivory shaving, four ounces of the flower of French Barley; put all these into your Still and paste it up very well, and still it with a soft fire, put into the Glass where it droppeth one pound of white Sugar Candy beaten very small, twelve peniworth of Leaf-Gold, seven grains of Musk, eleven grains of Amber-greece, seven grains of Bezoar stone; when it is all distilled, mix all the waters together, and every morning fasting, and every evening when you go to bed, take four or five Spoonfuls of it warm, for about a Month together, this hath cured many when the Doctors have given them over.


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The Queen-like Closet or Rich Cabinet (1672).

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