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Scotch Haggis


Boil a sheep's draught for three quarters of an hour in as much water as will cover it. Grate down the liver and mince the heart and lights very fine. Mince two pounds of onions, and two pounds of beef suet, put in three or four handsful of oatmeal with pepper and salt to taste. Having these ingredients very well mixed, put them into the bag with a little of the boilings of the draught. Pick the bag well to prevent its bursting. It requires from three to four hours boiling, so if you make it a day or two before you intend using it, it is better to boil it two hours after it is made, and two hours when going to use it. Great care must be taken in having the bag very particularly scraped and cleansed by frequent washings in salt and water. The liver and heart, etc., are better, to be boiled before, then they can be grated down easily. Half of this receipt makes a very good sized Haggis.


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Attributed to Mrs. Andrew T. Love.


My Pet Recipes, Tried and True (1900).

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