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Rhymes to Remember

Always have lobster sauce with salmon,
And put mint sauce your roasted lamb on.
In dressing salad mind this law
With two hard yolks use one raw.
Roast pork, sans apple sauce, past doubt
Is Hamlet with the Prince left out.
Broil lightly your beefsteak--to fry it
Argues contempt of christian diet.
It gives true epicures the vapors
To see boiled mutton minus capers.
Boiled turkey, gourmands know, of course
Is exquisite with celery sauce.
Roasted in paste, a haunch of mutton
Might make ascetics play the glutton.
To roast spring chickens is to spoil them,
Just split them down the back and broil them,
Shad, stuffed and baked is most delicious,
T'would have electrified Apicius.
Roast veal with rich stock gravy serve,
And pickled mushrooms too, observe,
The cook deserves a hearty cuffing
Who serves roast fowl with tasteless stuffing.
But one might rhyme for weeks this way,
And still have lots of things to say;
And so I'll close, for reader mine,
This is about the hour to dine."


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My Pet Recipes, Tried and True (1900).

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