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Ingenuity, good judgment and great care should be used in making all kinds of pastry. Use very cold water, and just as little as possible; roll thin and always from you; prick the bottom crust with a fork to prevent blistering; then brush it well with the white of egg, and sprinkle thick with granulated sugar. This will give you a firm rich crust.

For all kinds of fruit pies, prepare the bottom crust as above. Stew the fruit and sweeten to taste. If juicy put a good layer of corn-starch on top of the fruit before putting on the top crust. This will prevent the juice from running out, and will form a nice jelly throughout the pie. Be sure you have plenty of incisions in the top crust; then pinch it closely around the edge; sprinkle some granulated sugar on top, and bake in a moderate oven.


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My Pet Recipes, Tried and True (1900).

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